12-Piece PopDarts Game


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HOW TO PLAY: Stick your orange target down on your play surface. Take turns throwing your darts towards the target, and try to get them to stick! If one sticks at all, that's 1 point, and at the end of the game, whichever dart is closer, gets 3 points! Count all standing darts as one point, and the closest as 3 points! Whoever has more points, wins!

  • Super fun dart game for the whole family!!!
  • Throw like darts, stick like suction cups!
  • Can stick to almost any smooth, flat surface!
  • Perfect for at home, in door and out door fun!
  • Perfect for children, adults, and our elderly!

Product Info:
Est Size: 7.25" x 2.1" x 2.1"
Weight: 6.1oz / 4.1oz