Cute & Trendy Blue Light Blocker Glasses


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Blue Light 💡 Glasses 👓 are HERE!!!!

Are you on your phone 📲 a lot?
Computer 👩‍💻?

These stylish glasses are a must have!!
They help block the damaging blue rays that come from electronic screens!
This helps prevent headaches, sore or tired eyes, and stiff necks - all symptoms of digital eye strain 👁

Blue light is a harmful portion of light emitted by digital screens, which greatly increases the speed of the aging process in our eyes 👀

At 💲1️⃣2️⃣, these glasses 🤓 are made for your health, but with your budget in mind 💗

I have Black, Tortoise Shell, and Clear Gray on hand 🤚🏻
Who is ready to be cute, stylish, and eye health conscious 😉 ?