Novelty ID Cards ~ Santa’s license ~ Elves - Reindeer ~


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Speciality ID Cards from all the children's favorites...Bring a little magic into the house.

They’re HERE!! ID cards….. from your magical friends……
Santa, his elves, The big G, and even the mail we reindeer!
And we couldn’t leave out The Tooth Fairy  since she comes all year long!

These fun little ID cards are made of metal, so they won’t tear or bend, or even wrinkle…. With a touch of magical shimmer.

What do you do with them???
These can be ‘dropped’ in, or around, your home, to let the kids know that they’ve had a visitor!
It’s just a little something fun to add to the magic of it all!

These are $3.99, your choice of design…..
The photo collages below show the choices of fronts, and then the back that comes with that character’s identification card.
So there is one for Santa (you pick from 2 front options).

One for the elf (you pick from the 4 options for the front)

One for The Big Green G

One for Reindeer

One for Tooth Fairy

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!