Popper Jumbo Gingerbread House Christmas Puzzle


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Build your very own popper gingerbread house!  Created from 9 pieces of soft, easy-to-clean silicone, it makes a great stocking-stuffer, and kids will love the bright fun colors!

  • Pressing the bubbles down yields a slight popping sound. Press them all,  then flip it over and start again! Only a discrete pop sound is heard.  Easily quiet enough for church or any other place where quiet is required. Only the user hears the soft pop of silicone.
  • Perfect for children, adults, and our elderly!
  • Made of silicone, they have a comfortable touch, are endlessly reusable, and dish-washer safe
  • Makes a perfect gift!


Product Info:
Est Size:
14" x 15" x 0.79"
Weight: 21 oz